Veggies? Right or Wrong!

Well occasionally I like to write on contraversial issues, but this one has been niggling away in the back of my mind for a long time. OK let me get straight to the point:

1. I am an Omnivore with a slight leaning towards a carnivorous diet. I am also Blood Type O (negative if you are really interested!)

2. I have no objection to people being Vegetarians

3. I do have objections when they try to ram it down our throats!

If you don’t like meat, then that’s fine!

If you don’t like the thought of killing animals, then that’s your prerogative.

However let’s get some facts straight on some of the myths  surrounding vegetarian arguments. Firstly, all the evidence suggests that early humans were omnivorous with a strong leaning to carnivorous behaviour. Why? Because meat was plentiful and for the hunter-gatherer and whilst fruit and some vegetables were occasionally sought after, farming was not an attribute. Evidence suggests that all early humans evolved as Type O blood groups.  When migration started, humans found themselves in areas where meat was less plentiful and over a long period of time found they had to supplement their diet with more root and leaf crops. Initially this created problems in the diet, but evolution developed better methods to cope with ingesting such food and in different parts of the world blood groups started changing – Group A’s in the north west and Group B’s in the East. AB Group came later still.

AB Groups have the best capability for an omniverous diet, even more so than Group O who lean towards meat.

So the origins were never vegetarian and the latest groups are leaning towards omniverous behaviour.

Is a vegetarian diet healthier? Well that depends on your blood group. Yes for types A. No for Types O and for B and AB neutral.

Some vegetarians argue that they are so because of cruelty to animals. The problem with this argument is that they ignore the possibility of cruelty to vegetables. Sure we cannot hear plants scream and we don’t see any outward signs. Some Botanical scientists have demonstrated that plants do react to threat. Acacia Trees have been found to start producing toxins in their leaves when Giraffes are nearby. Giraffes love the leaves and would otherwise strip the tree of their leaves. The toxins give the Giraffes stomach upsets.

Many plants show  internal changes, stress related, when cut.

The reality is that nature is cruel

Yet vegetarians protest to such an extent that even the manufacturers of Smarties felt it necessary to change the colourant for red smarties from Cochineal (Extract from a beetle) to Red Cabbage. Some minority pressure groups feel they have rights over and above the majority.

It’s a crazy world!


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