Kindle Publishing

~Getting a book published in printed form can be quite difficult if you are not a celebrity, so why is this?  Well in truth, publishers and agents need good returns on their investment which can be high. Many new writers are perhaps not so aware about the high cost of marketing and distribution; by comparison the cost of printing and binding can be relatively low on a per copy basis if the run numbers are high enough.

E-book readers such as Kindle are growing in popularity and as a consequence has opened a completely new avenue for writers. Once written and carfully edited, publishing on Kindle is simple and best of all free.  Royalties can be either 35% or 70% and usually your book can be available on Amazon within 48 hours.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is marketing. With thousands of books to choose from, the Kindle Author still has to promote his/her work. Check out this Children’s Novel:

or at



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